lundi 16 novembre 2009

expo-vente øeuf

Expo-vente øeuf
Rendez-vous le 4 et 5 décembre chez LN'B
au 22 rue Meslay 75003 Paris
øeuf Show and Sale
Visit us the 4 and 5 of December at LN'B
22, rue Meslay 75003 Paris

4 commentaires:

o l y a dit…


i'll be in paris on december 11th for 2 two months
but your exhibition only last to december 5th


i wanna see i wanna see

bonju !

lili scratchy a dit…

take your ticket one week before!!
also we 'll drink a coffee in january...In december I'll be in holiday!

o l y a dit…

i can't :(

the tickets are already paid, if i change date i have to pay extra money. but but ! we definitely gonna have coffee together in january ! i'll bring little presents with me to paris, and and i'll see you in year 2010 !
( wow ! )

good luck and lots of fun for the exhibition !


lili scratchy a dit…

I'm very happy to meet you in 2010!!
see you soon,